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Beauty Salon Electric Eyelash Modeling

Beauty Salon Electric Eyelash Modeling

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Product information:
Specifications:Standard Specifications
Model: Eyelash Perming Potion Suit

Product Description:

1. First perm (pink): makes eyelashes naturally curly and shiny black

2. Second fixative (blue): Keep eyelash curl for about 3 months

3. Third moisturizing agent (yellow): caring for eyelashes

4. Fourth cleaning agent (transparent): cleaning solution and adhesive; The residual glue should be cleaned with makeup remover or warm water+facial cleanser on the eyelids

5. The fifth glue (the long one): The function of fixing silicone and eyelashes (the strongest adhesion when semi dry)

6. Sixth silicone pad pack (pink): sticky to the eyelids (one of the two ways to perm eyelashes)

7. The seventh bar (spiral rod): There are no medium or small sizes for the large size!!

Packing list:

Scalding agent * 1 Fixed agent * 1 Nourishing liquid * 1 Cleaning solution * 1 Organizing stick * 1 Silicone sheet * 1 Electric pole * 1 Glue * 1

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