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Hot eyelashes

Hot eyelashes

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The first dose (white iron): special formula does not stimulate the eyelashes to curl naturally.
The second agent (blue fixative): Allows the eyelashes to curl for about three months.
The third dose (pink wave nutrient): rich in keratin to moisturize and maintain hair, restore hair elasticity, and can be used daily after ironing.
The fourth dose (clear clearing agent) can easily remove the glue adhering to the eyes.
Eyelash silicone roll: Special material design, can change the sleeping hair according to different angles, and is easy to operate.
Special glue for eyelashes: environmentally friendly and non-irritating formula, strong viscosity, can be directly connected to rough skin, washable and easy to clean.
Small bamboo stick: hand to attach the eyelashes to the eyelash film




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