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Imitation mink thick false eyelash suit

Imitation mink thick false eyelash suit

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Style: Natural slim and long

Material: Imitation mink hair

Manufacturing process: Manual

[Terrier]: Cotton stalk
[Material]: imitation mink hair
#500 length about 0.9-1.3cm
#501 Length about 0.8-1. 5cm
#502 Length about 0.8-1. 3cm
#503 Length about 0.9-1.4cm
#504 Length about 0.7-1. 2cm
#505 Length about 0.9-1.5cm
#506 Length about 1.0-1.3cm
#507 Length about 0.9-1. 2cm
#508 Length about 0.7-1.1cm
#509 Length about 0.9-1.2cm

1 pair of naked size 11×4.5×1.1cm,
1 pair box size 11.1×4.7×1.3cm
10 pairs of boxes + tweezers size 13.2×11.3×6.0cm


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