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Magnetic Grafting Of False Eyelashes

Magnetic Grafting Of False Eyelashes

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Product information:

Product category: Eyelash extension
Production process: pure manual
0.05CC roll 10mm (hot sale abroad),
0.05CC roll 11mm (best selling abroad),
0.05CC roll 12mm (best selling abroad),
0.05CC roll 13mm (best selling abroad),
0.05CC roll 14mm (best selling abroad),
0.05D roll 10mm (hot sale abroad),
0.05D roll 11mm (best selling abroad),
0.05D roll 12mm (hot sale abroad),
0.05D roll 13mm (best selling abroad),
0.05D roll 14mm (best selling abroad),

Size information:

13.0 cm * 8.0 cm * 5.0 cm

Packing list :

Eyelash extension one version*1

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