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Perm Eyelash Set

Perm Eyelash Set

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1. Clean the eyes. Use detergent to clean the dust on eyelashes and eye makeup
2. After cleaning, put an eye patch on the lower eyelid of the eye and prepare to perm the eyelashes
3. Put the sunflower edge patch on the eyes, and glue the upper eyelashes to the sunflower edge for 1 minute
4. Use No. 1 ironing agent (white) to apply on the eyelashes, cover with plastic wrap, and wait for 8-12 minutes
5. After scraping off the scald with Y brush, apply fixative (blue), cover with plastic wrap and wait for 8-12 minutes
6. After cleaning the fixative, apply the nourishing agent (yellow) and wait for 4-5 minutes
7. Finally, clean the eyes with a cleanser (transparent), and finish perming the eyelashes

Weight: 0.14 kg
Size:16.0 cm * 12.0 cm * 2.0 cm
Product category: perm lashes set
Production process: semi-manual

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1*Perm Eyelash Set

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